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ELYONIN-The Ancient Creators of Humankind

2017-08-13 16:01 #0 av: Hugohugo

Med Fred är Himlen och Rymden är gränsen, Reser till Ljuset av Morgonen av det Gudomliga.

Dyrkan är att passera genom porten som leder vidare, i Namnet av Gud Den Mest Hög, vår Mest Himelska Fader.

Från länken är följande:

11 October 2015 · 

The Great Revelation of our Age! $3 on Amazon with the free Kindle reader for your computer or device. The Sacred and the Profane reveals the greatest truths and biggest deception of human history and human future.

Brought to you by The Order of the Essenes, a new revelation on the origins of humanity and the purposes of transmigration!

This site is brought to you by THE ORDER OF THE ESSENES. Our Order has the honor and sacred duty of being one of those groups charged with bringing the message of ELYONIN to the people of our planet Earth. We are also charged with a second mission. To teach and pass on the Sacred Mysteries as taught by the ancient prophets and masters since the creation of humanity.

The first purpose entails awakening humanity to the reality of its place amidst a Multiverse thriving and saturated with life. Also forming a resistance to the forces of darkness which are actively seeking to subjugate and destroy the enfolding process of sentient life in the universe. Anyone can help in this purpose by simply being aware and helping to peacefully and purposely awaken others to reality. For those interested in doing more, we are establishing the Urielian Movement (more to come).

The second purpose is to gather and reunite with those of our spiritual order who have been transmigrating to Earth. Those called before incarnation to come to Earth in service toward the Heavenly Kingdom amongst the Children of Light and to progress toward their Divine Realization! For this The Order of the Essenes has been reestablished.

Perhaps you have heard of the ancient Essenes or a few of its modern variants. Perhaps you have felt a connection to the purity, light and mystery which pervades the Essene mythos. Well now we are presenting you with an opportunity to become part of that legacy and its future development. To serve with the Children of Light and all goodhearted people everywhere in ushering in the much prophesied Age of Peace and the very Kingdom of Heaven all divine souls yearn for.

I say that this is the reestablished Order of the Essenes because, like the phoenix that rises out of its own ashes, our order comes from a direct lineage of Essenes. Ones that escaped from the Roman destruction of ancient Israel and kept their traditions intact. Hidden away, persecuted, yet surviving in the continent of Africa for two thousand years. Then while nearly succumbing to ravages of history, modernity and persecution, the last leader of this ancient community after consultation with its elders, anointed a new teacher and leader to carry on the Essene legacy into the future. One prophesied to be taken from her people into a foreign land with a different language, and from there to bring these ancient traditions to a modern, globalized world starving for true spiritual nourishment. Also a world quickly entering a galactic age of technology and sophistication.

The Ancient Essenes were very much ahead of their time eschewing slavery and pursuing tolerance, embodying peace and wisdom. Their prophets and mystics like the those before them, and like the great teacher and Mashiach, Yeshua of Nazareth, were working directly with ELYONIN and the Holy Angels toward the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven within the souls of humanity. For those of you who feel that you have been born to become Essenes or who feel called to help in this monumental work, the first step is to read and study THE SACRED AND THE PROFANE by our founder and teacher Rabbi Desiree R. Ntolo. Inside this book you find the message of ELYONIN for our times, as well as information regarding the challenges and battles ahead.

Reverend Mikha'el Netivot, North American coordinator for The Order of the Essenes.


This page is dedicated to our creators and teachers the ELYONIN; those who came from the above. We also refer to them as the children of light or our Friends in the Sky.

They are the ones who taught the hidden mysteries to the prophets and have always guided and watched over humankind.

Their enemies are the Renegade Serpent, the fallen Watchers and the Sons of Darkness. Those whose maniacal obsession is to always undermine and destroy the purposes of creation, the peace of humanity and the knowledge of God.

Elyonin are still guiding a remnant of Holy Ones on the Earth in order to preserve and protect the this creation and knowledge of the purposes of human existence.

The Order of the Essenes is assisting Elyonin in this great work through the teachings of our spiritual mother Amma Desiree Ntolo of Cameroon. The story of her original meetings with the representatives of Elyonin's Council of the Wise can be found in the book, The Sacred and the Profane by Rabbi Desiree R. Ntolo. #AncientAliens

2017-08-15 21:31 #1 av: Hugohugo

hmmmm jag kan ha fel...


...På snudden att såna nyheter som den här missas eller inte finner intresse bland folk, som får mig fundera om folk är är berusade av kvällströtthet, samt får mig tro att illuminati har mental kontroll på folk...

Än mer sannolikt nu om ett halv år... Gäspar

Fred vare med er...


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