David Icke om Patches - Droglappar

2014-08-01 21:36 #0 av: Huygens

Jag har ibland funderat på varför så många människor verkar göra som myndigheterna vill, när det är så uppenbart att mycket är fel.

Här hittade jag ett kort men intressant videoklipp av David Icke om patches, dvs lappar som tvingats på motvilliga personer. CIA behöver inte lönnmörda folk som försöker frigöra sej. Personen lappas istället.

Icke berättar om en forskare som gjorde uppror och inte längre ville göra som dom sa åt honom. Forskaren fick då en patch, en lapp av plast som kontinuerligt tillförde honom en drog som forskaren gjorts beroende av.

Lappens drog varade i 72 timmar. Om lappen togs bort börjar han långsamt dö en väldigt plågsam död.

Myndigheterna håller baser med forskare som är "lappade", och som därför inte kan göra motstånd, utan forskar fram redskap som ägarna av USA vill ha.


Icke varnar dessutom i klippet för att låta sej bli elektronisk märkt.

2014-08-01 21:42 #1 av: H-lena

Nej men fyy så hemskt! :( 

Vad menas med att bli elektroniskt märkt?

2014-08-01 21:48 #2 av: Huygens

Han nämner det i klippet. Du får ett (eller flera) små mickrochip(s) instoppade i kroppen. Dom är så små eller så många att det inte är praktiskt möjligt att få bort dom.

Målsättningen är att kunna sända elektroniska signaler till chipen och styra folk, känslomässigt eller på annat sätt och utföra totalövervakning.

2014-08-02 00:55 #3 av: I want to belive

en dag kommer du inte ens kunna ha dina drömmar ifred.... :/

2014-08-02 07:46 #4 av: Cristine

Chips eller lappar .detsamma, inget förvånar mig längre.                                                

Cris sajtvärd på Livskvalitet & Utomjordiskt.

Hemsida  kliv in!

Varför står mina fötter på jorden när resten av min kropp är ute i rymden.

2014-08-02 09:06 #5 av: Marr


 *Jag tror mer på Ufo, än på Sifo*

2014-08-02 21:08 #6 av: jobas

Interesting story, Rick, this, I was approached about a year ago-I think I've told you this before-through a third party to meet a guy who's been working for the CIA as a scientist for a long, long time-most of his working life; he's a genius in his particular area. And he jointed the CIA because he thought he was serving his country, as many people do-just because you're working for the CIA doesn't mean you're part of this.

And he said that eventually he started to realize that they were using his genius for anything but positive reasons. They wanted his genius for very, very malevolent reasons. And he started to understand that there was this agenda that was unfolding behind the scenes that people didn't see.

When he started rebelling against the way that his work was being used, he said he woke up one morning and he had missing time. He remembers leaving his home, but then its all a blank. And then the next thing he remembers is waking up in a type of medical room. When he got his faculties back, he realized that he had a see-through sache, as we call them in England-a plastic see-through pouch-thing-they call them "patches", apparently, in the trade.

It was on his chest and in this patch was a yellow-gold liquid. He opened his shirt, as he's telling me this story, and there it was. What he said was, they had manipulated his body to need this drug to survive, and if the drug was stopped, he would start to die. And it takes about three months, apparently, a very painful and horrible death.

This patch has to be replaced every 72 hours, and if he rebels or refuses to do anything they say, they don't replace the patch and he starts to die. They've done it to him once, when he rebelled again. Now, apparently, he tells me, there are files at CIA headquarters which have identified scientists and people like that all over America. The same will be happening in other countries, too, of course.

They decide whether the patch is to be replaced, whether the scientist, at this point, is indispensable or dispensable, and all these things. He knows that, in the end, what they do is, when they've gleaned all the knowledge that you can give them, then they don't replace the patch because they don't want you going around talking about it.

They also do mind control on them, as well, which kind of puts a mirror, a scan, across their mind, like a veil, so they don't remember much of it anyway when they leave these projects.

What he said to me was a number of things. First of all he said, big time, watch China, because that's part of The Agenda. The other thing he said-as you well know, as much as anyone-the technology has existed for a very long time to cure cancer. The technology has existed for a very long time to give us all the free energy we need, without utility bills. And he said another thing interesting, which was in his area of expertise; he said, "You know, the technology exists to create abundant growth in deserts, without water, using magnetics." He said, "At it's most optimum, you can see the crops grow like a time-lapse photograph." There is no need for anyone to be hungry, anywhere in the world.

But the point of telling you that story, apart from the interest of it, is that he said, basically, "If people are going to say no to just one thing, please tell them to say no to the microchip." He said this is because the microchip is not just about electronic tagging, as some conspiracy people think. Yes, it's about that, on one level, and it's certainly not just about making it easier to find your child. He said people don't realize the level of technology that exists.

He said the real use of the microchip in the population is to give external control of people's thinking and emotional processes through external signals and pulses. He said these microchips, once they're inside you, the pulses that they send out to them-and a lot of the Star Wars thing is all, actually, the veil for the technology to control these microchips-they will be able to externally make you aggressive or docile, sexually aroused, sexually suppressed, suppress your intellectual state so that you stop thinking to your capacity. And the idea is to literally turn humanity into a race of externally manipulated robots.

We are now in a situation where these microchips exist and they're just waiting for, probably, "problem, reaction, solution" to create a situation in which the chips become accepted.