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vet inte hur det hamnade där nere..nu kan jag inte flytta det.
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    Élio Alves da Silva

    Dear Cristine,

    Together with Amazon Watch you've stood with communities literally fighting for their survival against the construction of the Belo Monte monster dam in Brazil. The government has tried to ignore, forget and dismiss those valiant families who refuse to stop the fight. We will not – cannot – allow them to do so. Please support this work today.

    Yesterday, we shared the very personal and heartbreaking story of Élio Alves da Silva, a fisherman from the community of Santo Antônio. Élio lived there, raised his family and helped build a vibrant community - until Belo Monte construction destroyed it and his life. Now Santo Antônio is gone – by order of the Brazilian government. The community's homes, business and school have been reduced to rubble, and the people who made it a community have been scattered to the winds.

    "While there is a person at my side willing to fight, I will continue to fight, no matter what happens. If I am arrested or die tomorrow, at least it will be with the certainty that I died fighting for something that is my right, the right of my family and all who live here."

    "My message to the world is that someone has to do something on our behalf. That someone needs to make this Brazilian government hear, so it remembers that there are people here. Citizens exist here who need and love this river."

    Please continue to support our work in Brazil. Be the person at Élio's side and donate today for all those who fight against injustice.

    For the Amazon, and for Élio,

    Branden Barber
    Branden Barber
    Engagement Director