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Vatican's Crashing Down...

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 -  Bush Like Hitler Is Vatican's Best Friend


 -  Cittá del Vaticano - from "Mystery Babylon The Great"



 -  Does The Cosmos Know The Pope Exists?



 -  Eight Ugly Sins of The Catholic Church



 -  El Nuevo Papa Acusado de Haber Estado Implicado en La Detención de Dos Sacerdotes por Dictadura Militar Argentina


 -  El Nuevo Papa Jesuita



 -  El Opus Dei y Octopus Dei - La Mafia del Vaticano



 -  El Papa de Hitler - Un Polemico Libro Revela Documentos del Vaticano Sobre el Antisemitismo de Pio XII


 -  El Superpoder Germánico Que Viene


 -  Evil and Corruption Everywhere in The Church - Vatican Openness in Butler Case Not Enough, Critics Say


 -  Francisco - El Papa del 'Fin del Mundo'



 -  Herencia Cristiana - Victimas de La Fe Cristiana - Lista de Víctimas en Nombre de La Iglesia Católica


 -  Hitler's Pope - The Secret History of Pius XII



 -  Holy Crop! Vatican Blesses GMOs ...Though 'Unofficially'



 -  Holy Smoke and Mirrors - The Vatican Conspiracy



 -  Il Nuovo Papa Jesuita



 -  Judaism and Christianity - Two Thousand Years of Lies - 60 Years of State Terrorism


 -  La Ragione Occulta delle Dimissioni di Ratzinger



 -  La Razón Oculta de La Dimisión de Ratzinger



 -  La Verdadera Historia de Los Nazarenos y la Biblia - Main File


 -  List of Popes With References to St. Malachy’s Prophecy



 -  Los Jesuitas - Main File



 -  Los Secretos de Wojtyla - La Trama Washington-CIA-Opus Dei-Mafia Financiera En El Vaticano


 -  Mass Genocide of Mohawk Children by UK Queen and Vatican Uncovered in Canada


 -  Papa Francisco I - El Papa Negro



 -  Papa Francesco - Il Papa Nero



 -  Pedro Romano Llega el 03.13.2013 a Las 20.13 Horas



 -  Petrus Romanus Arrives on 3/13/2013 at 20:13 Hours



 -  Petrus Romanus - The False Prophet and The Antichrist are Here



 -  Petrus Romanus - The Final Pope Is Here



 -  Pope Benedict XVI Announces His Resignation at End of Month


 -  Pope Benedict XVI’s Leaked Documents Show Fractured Vatican Full of Rivalries


 -  Pope Francis I - The Black Pope


 -  Pope Resignation - Harbinger of Papacy's End?



 - ¿Quien Creó La Iglesia Católica?



 -  Remembering Sherman Skolnick and His Fight to Warn Americans About Vatican Corruption


 -  Satanic Priests in The Catholic Church?



 -  Scandalo Vaticano! What Exactly Did The Butler See?



 -  Searching For The Illuminati Deep Within The Bowels Of The Vatican


 -  Secret Papers, The Occult, Freemasonry In Pope’s Butler’s Trial


 -  Secrets of The Vatican - Glimpses Behind the Purple Curtain



 -  Sexo - La Palabra de Cuatro Letras Que Está Destruyendo El Vaticano


 -  Sex - The Three Letter Word Destroying The Vatican



 -  Shocking Alien Fears, Force Pope from Office



 -  The Anti-Christ - Main File


 -  The Church of Rome And Freemasonry - Transactions of Quatuor Coronati Lodge N° 2076


 -  The Coming German Superpower



 -  The Criminal History of The Papacy


 -  The Deception of The Century - Evidence for the REAL Third Secret


 -  The First Jesuit Pope


 -  The Holy Inquisition - Main File


 -  The Jesuits - Main File


 -  The London-Rome Beltane Ritual


 -  The Mafia, The CIA, & The Vatican's Intelligence Apparatus


 -  The New Atheists


 -  The Pope's And The Malachy Prophesy - Main File



 -  The Real History of The Nazarenes and The Bible - Main File


 -  The Rothschild and The "Nazi" Pope


 -  The Unholy Alliance - Christianity and The NWO 



 -  The Vatican and The Jesuits


 -  The Washington-Vatican Connection


 -  Vaccination - Vatican's Medical Inquisition Revealed at Last! - Vaccination Came From the Vatican via Great Britain


 -  Vatican Bank Hit By Financial Scandal... Again


 -  Vatican Bank Sued For Alleged War Crimes


 -  Vatican-Pope and The New World Order - Main File


 -  Vatican SpA - Bribery and Mafia Criminal Finance


 -  Was Pope Benedict Fired by The Knights of Malta? - Popes Don't Resign - They Get Fired


 -  What About The Vatican? - from 'Secret Societies and Their Power in The 20th Century' by Jan Van Helsing


 -  Who Created The Catholic Church?



 -  WikiLeaks - New Chargé d’Affaires Christopher Sandrolini Lobbied Vatican on Biotech Foods


 -  WikiLeaks - The Vatican Cables Revisited - Just a Matter of Procedure?


Additional Information


 -  20 Reasons to Abandon Christianity


 -  American Churches Astronomically Aligned - Archaeologist Says...


 -  American Laws Most Americans Don't Know! - But Should Know!



 -  Annually 46 Million Abortions Worldwide - Catholic Church



 -  Blackwater - Knights of Malta in Iraq



 -  Council of Trent



 -  Cover-Up for Elizabeth Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II - Indict Bilderberger, BC Attorney General, CFRO-FM


 -  El Legado de Magdalena - Revelaciones Más Allá del Código Da Vinci



 -  El Masoquismo de Madre Teresa - ¿La Religión Demanda el Sufrimiento para Mantener Pasiva a la Gente?


 -  El Vaticano Respalda Los Alimentos Transgénicos



 -¿Es la Religión una Fuerza para Bien o para Mal?


 -  Executive Order 13427 of March 7, 2007 - Extending Privileges and Immunities to the Permanent Observer Mission of...

 -  Germany and The Holy Roman Empire



 -  Historia de Cristo - Desde Damasco a Santiago de Compostela



 -  House of Theosophy Seminar - Reveals Plans For Last Stages Of New World Order


 -  Is Pope Francis Laying The Groundwork for A One World Religion?


 -  Is Religion a Force for Good or Evil?



 -  La CIA y El Vaticano Manipulan La Wikipedia



 -  La Conquista Programada - A Alguien Le Interesa Que La Cruz Triunfe



 -  La Cruz Malta y La Sociedad Secreta Neonazi, CIA y Vaticano



 -  La Historia Oculta de La Mafia X - Jordan Maxwell Habla de La Ley del Almirantazgo y Los Illuminati


 -  La Última Ilusión


 -  Monotheism, Inc. - Chart


 -  Mother Theresa's Masochism - Does Religion Demand Suffering to Keep People Passive?


 -  No Hay Una Crisis Energética - Lindsey Willians: “Tras Años de Colapso, Su Intención Es Poseerlo Todo”


 -  Obispo Golpista en Venezuela - Las Fuerzas Contra Chávez - Archivo


 -  Occult Holidays And Sabbats



 -  Papal Trivia - Fun Facts About the Popes - Treasures of Our Catholic Heritage


 -  Pathocracy And Religion


 - "Project Vatican"



 -  Raíces Secretas de La Religión



 -  Reinterpretar La Biblia


 -  Sad For The Pope?


 -  Satanic Black Masses at Vatican - Bush Sr. and Kissinger Exposed for Attending by Illuminati Insider


 -  Satellite Image - Vatican City


 -  Secretive Knights Templar Make Astounding Bid to Save World


 -  Secret Vatican Briefings on The Creation of Prophet Muhammad



 -  Sexo y Erotismo en El Convento - El Sexo y El Erotismo en Los Monasterios Femeninos


 -  Some Present Table/Worship Spaces in The World


 -  Sustainable Development - A Global Agenda Structured On Population Control


 -  The Church's War on The Cathars


 -  The Crooked Cross and The Cross - Nazism and Christianity


 -  The Donation of Constantine


 -  The Holy See



 -  The Masada Fraud - The Making of Israel Based on Lies



 -  The Masada Myth



 -  The Patriarchs And Saints Are The Gods of Other Cultures


 -  The Personal Devil


 -  The Phallic 'Savior of The World' Hidden in The Vatican


 -  The Religious Conspiracy - from "The Atlantean Conspiracy - Exposing the Illuminati from Atlantis to 2012"


 -  The Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Main File


 -  The Vatican Secrets Archives


 -  The Writing on The Wall


 -  U.S. Embassy Cable - "The Real Story" - 01VATICAN4258 - Comparison


 -  Vatican Radio Waves Blamed For High Cancer Risk


 -  Vatican Secretly OKs GMOs - "Divinity" Divided No More


 -  Vatican Sitting On Time Machine?


 -  Vatican Writers Reveal Devious Plans For America's Takeover In "Project Vatican"


 -  Was That The Papal We? - Was Judaism's 'Hierarchy' Designed for Enlil's Ghost Hunger?


Extraterrestrials and The Church


 -  Ajenjo



 -  Discoveries Out There Require Preparation Right Here



 -  El Vaticano Acepta La Existencia De OVNIs



 -  E.T. and God - Could Earthly Religions Survive the Discovery of Life Elsewhere in the Universe?


 - ¿Estallará una Guerra Religiosa La Declaración del Vaticano de Un Salvador Alienígena?


 -  Exo-Vaticana - Petrus Romanus, Project LUCIFER, and The Vatican's Astonishing Exo-Theological Plan for The Arrival of An Alien "Savior"


 -  Exo-Vaticana - Petrus Romanus, Proyecto LUCIFER, y el Plan Exo-Teológico del Vaticano para la Llegada de un 'Salvador' Extraterrestre


 -  Extraterrestrials and The Vatican



 -  Getting Ready For Aliens - A Bird's Eye View



 -  Los Extraterrestres y Dios - ¿Podrían las Religiones Terrestres Sobrevivir al Descubrimiento de la Vida en Otra Parte en...


 -  Los Lagartos y La Iglesia Romana



 -  Manipulative Extraterrestrials Appear to Use Religion and Capitalism to Control Humanity


 -  Pope Francis to Announce Extraterrestrial "Savior" According to New Book


 -  Secretum-Omega - Main File



 -  Sitchin y Un Teólogo del Vaticano - Conversan de Ovnis, Extraterrestres, Ángeles, La Generación del Hombre


 -  Stairway to Heaven - Are Zecharia Sitchin and Vatican official Monsignor Balducci really climbing the... ?


 -  UFO Over Vatican



 -  UFO's and Extraterrestrials..., A Problem for the Church?



 -  Vatican Accepts - Star Visitors Are Real



 -  Vatican, England and France Pressure The US for UFO Disclosure



 -  Vatican Prepares For Extraterrestrial Disclosure



 -  Vatican Says Aliens Could Exist



 -  Vatican to E.T. - Hello, Brother...


 -  Will Vatican Declaration of An Alien Savior Spark a Religious War?



 -  Wormwood






 -  Aliens and The Vatican 2013


 -  The Vatican's Secret Plan for The Arrival of An Alien God



From "Vatican Assassins"


 -  A Summary of the Book - Vatican Assassins


 -  Excerpts from "Vatican Assassins"


 -  Grand Global Merger of All Black Magick Forces Occurred When Pope Paul VI Became Pope in 1963

 -  Vatican Assassins - The Diabolical History of The Society of Jesus - by Eric Jon Phelps


Malachi Martin


 -  Evidence For The Real Third Secret - Satanism Practiced In The Vatican / Fr.Malachi Martin Affirms


 -  Hostage to The Devil - The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans


 -  Lucifer's Lodge Found! - The Vatican Findings of Malachi Martin



 -  Malachi Martin's Background



 -  What Is Approaching Us?





 -  Hostage to The Devil - The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans - by Malachi Martin





 -  The Vatican Murders - Radio Interview to Malachi Martin on Art Bell Show 1996

 -  Vatican Conflict - Radio Interview to Malachi Martin on Art Bell Show July 13, 1998


Other Christian Churches



 -  Inside The Mormon Church



 -  Moriah and The Mormon Leadership - 13 Bloodlines of The Illuminati



 -  The Watchtower and The Illuminati







 -  The Mormons - A Religion in America



Pedophilia and The Vatican


 -  Abuse Victims Seek International Court Case Against Pope



 -  Child Abuse Scandals - DOSSIER - Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, The Catholic Church


 -  Hague Is Asked to Investigate Vatican Over Sexual Abuses


 -  Joseph Ratzinger and The Secret History - Why The Pope Is To Blame For the Sex Scandals


 -  La Disculpa del Papa por Los Abusos Sexuales Cometidos en Irlanda Parece Carente de Significado - Sinead O'Connor


 -  Papal Resignation Linked to Inquiry Into 'Vatican Gay Officials' - Says Paper


 -  Pedophiles and Popes - Doing The Vatican Shuffle, Protecting The Perpetrators


 -  Pedophilia in The Catholic Church - Cover-Up Operation at The Vatican? - Pope Ratzinger's Swan Song


 -  Pope Benedict to Seek Immunity and Protection from Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on February 23


 -  Pope Has Immunity in Abuse Trials - Vatican Says...



 -  Priest Removed from Ministry Due to Sex Abuse Allegations Now Works at Philadelphia International Airport


 -  Ratzinger a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI - Main File



 -  Roman Catholic Church Continues to Support Bishop Convicted of Covering Up for Pedophile Priest

 -  Satanic Apologetics and The Church Sex Abuse Scandal


 -  The Pope's Apology for Sex Abuse in Ireland Seems Hollow - Sinead O'Connor


 -  Vatican Rentboy and Satanism - Claims Revealed by Paedophile Priest Don Patrizio Poggi


The Vatican' Finances


 -  Did Somebody Just Try to Buy The British Government?



 -  El Vaticano Siempre Ha Sido Una Empresa de Negocios - Lo de La Religión es Secundario


 -  Former 'God’s Banker' Could Blitz Vatican With Cache of Secret Documents


 -  Germany and The Vatican Are Moving Toward a Financial New World Order - The Vatican Exploits the World’s Financial Crisis


 -  God's Banker - Italy's Mysterious, Deepening Bank Scandal


 -  How the Vatican Built a Secret Property Empire Using Mussolini's Millions


 -  I Banchieri di Dio - God's Bankers - Masons, P2 and The Vatican



 -  Il Capo della Banca del Vaticano è Legato ad Affari Militari



 -  Il Vaticano è Stato Sempre Un Business Aziendale - La Religione Viene Dopo


 -  In Desperation, The BIS and Vatican Bank Order Assassinations - But Mossad, The CIA and The Yakuza Refuse to...


 -  Jefe del Banco del Vaticano Tiene Nexos Militares



 -  JPMorgan Chase Closes Vatican Bank Account



 -  Pope Benedict XVI’s Leaked Documents Show Fractured Vatican Full of Rivalries


 -  Pope Struggled to Lift Sacred Secrecy of Vatican Finances



 -  Scandal and Skulduggery at The Vatican



 -  Scandalo Vaticano! What Exactly Did The Butler See?



 -  The Pope's Banks in America, The Giannini Family and The CIA


 -  The Pope's Three Banks In America


 -  The Vatican Bank is Reportedly Under Investigation for Laundering Millions for A Mafia Godfather


 -  The Vatican Pipeline - U.S. intelligence document links $170 million in Nazi gold to the Vatican


 -  Vatican Bank Account Closed At JP Morgan - Image May Be Hurt



 -  Vatican Bank Chief Tedeschi Dismissed


 -  Vatican Official Tied To BP, Goldman Sachs and Media Censorship In The Oil Fiasco... - Increasing Evidence Of...


 -  Vatileaks - Pope’s Butler Arrested for Stealing Confidential Correspondence


 -  Video Evidence of Secret Illuminati Corporation More Wealthy Than the Combined Wealth of All Nations on Earth


 -  Who’s Behind The Leaked Letters Roiling The Vatican?



Books and Treatises



 -  Biografía No Autorizada Del Vaticano - Nazismo, Finanzas Secretas, Mafia, etc...- por Santiago Camacho


 -  Cincuenta Años de La Iglesia Romana - por Carlos Chiniquy



 -  El Holocausto Canadiense - Ocultado de la Historia - por Kevin D. Annett


 -  Freemasonry and Catholicism - by Max Heindel


 -  Matrix of Power - How The World Has Been Controlled By Powerful People Without Your Knowledge - by Jordan Maxwell

 -  Terror Behind Locked Doors - The Hidden Secrets of Convent Life - by Maria Monk


 -  The Broken Cross - The Hidden Hand in the Vatican - by Piers Compton


 -  The Canadian Holocaust - Hidden From History - by Kevin D. Annett


 -  The Empire of “The City” (World Superstate) - The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Government - by E. C. Knuth

 -  The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross - by John Allegro


 -  The Secret History of The Jesuits - by Edmond Paris


 -  The Vatican Billions - Two Thousand Years of Wealth Accumulation from Caesar to the Space Age - by Avro Manhattan

 -  The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy - by Dr. Ronald Cooke


 -  The Vatican's Holocaust - by Avro Manhattan



 -  The Vatican Mafia - by Monseñor Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Guillen



 -  The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ - by Nicolas Notovitch


 -  Vatican Assassins - The Diabolical History of The Society of Jesus - by Eric Jon Phelps




 -  Aliens and The Vatican 2013


 -  Angels And Demons Revealed


 -  BBC Conspiracies - Satanic Panic


 -  Catholic Nazi Connections


 -  Conspiracy of Religion


 -  Fabricando el Consenso - Noam Chomsky y Los Medios de Comunicacion


 -  La Iglesia Católica Paga Por Ocultar Abusos Sexuales


 -  La Sociedad Más Secreta de Todas Que Conspira Para Controlar el Mundo

 -  La Verdad Jamás Contada - Zeitgeist


 -  Los Illuminati - "Angeles y Demonios" - Documental Sociedad Secreta


 -  Manufacturing Consent - Noam Chomsky and The Media


 -  New World Order - The Devil In The Vatican


 -  Nosotros Los Esclavos


 -  Operación Gladio


 -  Operation Gladio Behind False Flag Terrorism


 -  Papa Ratzinger e il Nazismo


 -  Petrus Romanus - The Final Pope Is Here - Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and Cris Putnam on Omegaman Radio

 -  Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth - Arrest Warrants - USA Bishop Breaks With Vatican

 -  Pope's Resignation Follows Damaging Information


 -  Ring of Power - The Empire of "The City" - World Superstate


 -  Roman Empire Rules Today


 -  Satanism, Ritual Abuse and Pedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church - William H. Kennedy

 -  Secrets of The Vatican


 -  Sex Crimes and The Vatican


 -  Should This Video Be Banned? YOU DECIDE!


 - "Sun of God?"


 -  The Crimes of Religions - Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide


 -  The Four Horsemen


 -  The London-Rome Beltane Ritual 2011 - David Icke


 -  The Naked Truth - Documentary by Jordan Maxwell


 -  The Secret of Vatican 2012


 -  The Story of 'God'


 -  The Vatican's Banker


 -  The Vatican's Secret Plan for The Arrival of An Alien God


 -  Through The Eyes of A Slave


 -  Vatican Intelligence Service Leaking Planet X Information


 -  Vatican/Jesuit/Illuminati-Black Nobility - Occults Control The World


 -  Vatican Secrets Exposed! - Jordan Maxwell


 -  Victims of Sexual Abuse Point Finger at Pope



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 -  The Vatican Bank Claims - External link