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The energies for october 2009

2009-10-08 02:10 #0 av: Solar

                  THE DANCE OF LOVE AND PEACE

               THE ENERGIES FOR OCTOBER 2009

             Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn


Beloved Lightworkers, so now you enter into the flow of energy that will create the month of October! Indeed, you have passed through the powerful "portal" or dimensional gateway of the 9:9 on the 9th of September, and now you are flowing towards the 10:10 on the 10th of October. At the 9:9 you were able to experience an ending and a new beginning.

The 10:10 will be a 1:1 doorway, an entry to new levels of experience and awareness that will culminate at the 11:11 gateway, when you will experience the full impact of the new energies in new levels of awareness.

At the 12:12 in December and at the December Solstice, you will be guided into a powerful new understanding of your work as a creative expression of Divine Love on Earth.

Indeed, beloved Lightworkers, December and January will be months of transition, bridging energies away from the old and into the New that wll be expressed in the first half of the year 2010.

So, Beloved Ones, let us now focus on this month of October. The Full Moon falls at the beginning of the month, on the 4th.

The Moon will be in Aries and the Sun in Libra. At this time, the energies of BALANCE will be most important. Can you hold your inner balance in PEACE and LOVE at this time? Can you center in your I AM presence and be at PEACE with yourself and all others, and at the same time, can you be part of the One Heart and the One Mind. Can you say "I AM" and also "WE ARE", together as ONE?

Beloved Souls, in this New Energy, it will be necessary to be able to feel yourself as part of the wider community and to feel as "one" with others, and to feel that from your Heart.

The question that is now being asked of you is "how may you serve the new energies and the new light?". What will you do to be a full expression of the Love of Source that is being transmitted through you?

At the time of the New Moon, on the 18th, it will be a good time to meditate on your relationship with your community and how you may best serve that community by being a bearer of the New Codes and energies for the New Earth.

Meditate on how you can be an expression of Love just be Being Who You Are and by fully expressing Who You Are. Remember, Beloved Ones, that each of you carries the Divine Flame within your Heart, and each one of you is an expression of the Divine Love and Grace of God.

It is only for you to exercise your free will and to choose how you, as an individual, will be an expression of the Divine Grace within the One Energy of Community.

In this month too, the old energies of the Atlantean Negative Codes continues to be released on very deep levels, to allow for it to be replaced with the Light of the New Earth Codes that are guiding the Evolution of Humanity on its Journey into Higher Expressions of Light.

The old trauma of the Atlantean "disaster" continues to reverberate through the psyches of those who seek to hold onto the old ways of power and control and manipulation. Beloved Ones, know that those who seek these darker paths do so because they feel a deep inner fear and a sense of guilt and unworthiness.

They fear that they have "failed" and that God has abandonned them, so they need to try to control their own destiny instead of allowing their destiny to be a part of the greater plan of Love and Compassion.

And, when you enter into dramas of duality with such ones, you merely reinforce their sense of unworthiness and lack. Far better it is, dear ones, to forgive such ones and to release then from their roles as bearers of the illusion of darkness.

For when you forgive, then you release. You do not condone actions that are based in low vibrations of fear, but you release the effects that such energies may have on you.

Now, as for the Negative Atlantean Codes and the energies of "victim" that are surging through the Collective to be released, we will say that FORGIVENESS is the first step.

Forgive, Release, and let go. The Victim Dramas are not part of the New Earth, nor ever will be. As you forgive those who still seek to perpetuate those dramas, you also release yourself from being drawn into the weavings of this very old trauma based energy.

And, you move upwards into the clear Spiral of Light that expresses the Divine Energies of COMPASSION and BEAUTY and KINDNESS and CREATIVITY and PEACE.

For, Beloved Ones, in this month of October, you will be challenged to make that choice to be a vessel for the flow of the energies of PEACE and COMPASSION. Now, firstly, Compassion is not a passive energy, it is the active expression of Divine Passion, the Divine Passion to Love and to Create.

Those who express Compassion are those who are motivated by Love to be an expression of Divine Grace and Peace.

And, Beloved Ones, Peace is not just the absence of war and aggression. Peace is the Active Energy of Creation expressing itself through Harmony and Balance and Love.

PEACE is an energy that Flows and Creates! It creates Joy within communities and Contentment within the Hearts of people. To be an "instrument of God's Peace" is to bring Joy and Contentment to those places where they are lacking.

And, beloved ones, when you are awakened and awake, each one of you has the the ability to be a vessel of Peace, just by being who you are and centered in your heart.

When you offer yourself in the service of this energy, then you will be shown new opportunities to be a Light to the Earth, and to express Compassion, Tenderness, Intimacy, Beauty, and Grace to all that you meet.

Beloved Ones, we will say that the creation or weaving of Peace is the Dance of Love on the Earth. You hear the Divine Music coming from the Great Heart of Source, and being echoed in the Heart of the Earth Mother.

And so, as you align with the Divine Tones and Sounds, and the Divine Colors and Forms, you begin to weave your life and to move in harmony with the Divine Music.

As a skilled dancer, you follow the flow of the music and each step is an expression of that music in Time and Space.

You are the Dancer and Life is the Dance! You are the Music - you are the Artist, Creator and Weaver! When you weave with the Conscious Intention to follow Divine Harmony as it flows,you become One with the Divine Dance of Love.

You become the Dance of Love, and where you are people hear the Music of the Dance and they feel inspired to begin to dance themselves. And soon, everyone is moving in alignmenmt, everyone is dancing the dance of Love that is called Peace.

So, Beloved Ones, we ask, in this month of October, that you center in your Hearts, that you hold your Inner Peace, and become a Living Expression of the Dance of Love.


The Energies for October

The Full Moon in Aries falls on the 4th of October, and the New Moon in Libra, on the 18th of October.

The 10:10 portal on the 10th of October will also provide momentum in the unfolding and experience of the New Earth energies.

The sun moves from Libra into Scorpio on the 23rd of October, and the energy will then shift towards an inner focus of awareness and inner light as you move towards the 11:11 portal in November.

We wish you Joy and Peace as you Dance with the Music of Divine Love in the month of October.


© 2009-10 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

                      You are free to copy


2009-10-26 11:48 #1 av: Mairi

Nu när oktober månad snart är slut måste jag säga att den här texten verkligen stämde med mina upplevelser. Glad

Tack Solar!

2009-10-27 20:19 #2 av: szirius

Solar, finns även energierna för november att lägga in här? Det finns ju i texten tips på vad man kan meditera kring och fokusera på, så det vore ju positivt att få läsa det redan nu...Flört

( för mig har oktober varit en oehört tung månad...mestadels rent fysiskt...)

Tack på förhand.Glad

2009-10-27 22:44 #3 av: Mairi

Jo, jag upplever också energi-skiften väldigt fysiskt... med värk och/eller enorm trötthet.
I fredags t ex vacklade jag hem från jobbet 15.30 och somnade nästan direkt, vaknade och ställde in alla planer på medverkande i sociala aktiviteter, försökte mig på ett telefonsamtal, och somnade för natten. Vaknade på lördagmorgon och kände mig rent bakis...

Det är ändå skönt att förstå lite mer varför saker händer, och kanske ännu mer när det gäller relationer och dramatik än när det gäller kroppen... många av mina närmaste har visat nya och mer eller mindre oväntade nivåer av rädsla-kontroll och uppgivenhetspessimism-egoism den här månaden och jag har funderat mycket på Atlantiskoderna.

2009-10-29 21:03 #4 av: szirius

puttar till Solar - se frågan på #2 Flört

2009-10-30 01:25 #5 av: Solar



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