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Timothy Cohen (?)

2010-09-21 13:40 #0 av: Helix

Någon som känner till något om Timothy Cohen? På en blog jag hittade via blog.com har han gjort ett inlägg där han talar med en civilisation som heter "The Adharans". Dom säger sig vara "gamla grannar" med Plejaderna sen dom bodde vid Lyra.



I've had contact with an individual whose name is Solis. He told me about our future and how we are about to evolve into another dimension. They can't give us any specific details where when and how the evolution will hit us. But Solis says it will make a big difference in our time and technology.

There are several civilizations standing ready to back us up when the time is right. Some civilizations with minds and technology so far advanced, that they are in direct contact with The Creator. Others who for few thousand years ago were pretty much like earth is at this time.

What we can do at this stage is to look into our souls and feel their presence, let them in our hearts and share our love with them as they share their love with us.

We will learn to live in the light of love, we will get a whole new perspective on things, and we will change our priorities. We're going to live healthier lives, we'll learn to respect the environment and treat it like it should be treated. Trees and flowers will once again fill this earth, at the same time as we walk on its surface. Our doctors will be able to cure all kinds of illness. Cancer will be cured like a cold, and if you'd somehow lose an arm or a leg, you'll just ask the doctor how long it will take to regrow it.

Solis also tells me that they originally are from Lyra, and that they moved to Adhara because of a big war started by the Reptoids. The Reptoids attacked hoping to get their hands on some of the Adharans (already then advanced) technology. He'd also let me know that there was another habitable planet in the same solar system, habituated by a civilization today by man known as The Pleidians. The Pleidians moved to the star Lyra, at the same time as the Adharans moved to Adhara. Solis won't tell me much about the war and the civilization as it was back then, all those years ago. One of the few things he repeatedly did say is that once they learned to embrace love, they started to advance in all possible ways.



2010-09-22 23:00 #1 av: enola

Detta var nått nytt, tack för det. :)

2010-09-23 16:27 #2 av: Helix

Kanske man skulle länka till sajten också! :)


2010-09-26 15:21 #3 av: Playja

Nej.. känner inte till Timothy Cohen men skall googla lite.  Glad






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